Best washer dryer combo of 2022

What is a wash-dry combination?

A washer dryer combination is a washer and dryer in one machine.The washing machine first thoroughly washes the laundry and then immediately dries it in one turn. The reason that many consumers choose a washer dryer combination is often because of a lack of space in the house which makes it impossible to place both a washing machine and dryer. A washer dryer combination saves space and ensures that all your laundry is efficiently dry and clean in one go, so you don’t have to buy two separate machines. Though a washer dryer combination has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages. And if you are interested in buying one, you will find yourself looking at a broad range of washer dryer combinations with a lot of different functions. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of the top 4 best washing and drying combinations in 2020. We thereby provide you with all the information necessary to decide if a washer dryer combination is what you need, and just as important, what kind of washer dryer combination suits your household.

The washer dryer combination selection tool

With the selection tool we help you on your way to find out which type of washer dryer combination suits you best. This depends on your preference and your situation, for example the amount of persons in your household, but also how much you would like to pay. We do this on the basis of a number of questions on which we make a targeted selection. The questions are carefully chosen in collaboration with experts in the field of washer dryer machines. Fill in the selection guide to find out which washer dryer combination suits you best!

How environmentally friendly does your washer dryer combo has to be?
How many people are in your household?
What should the building quality of your washer dryer combo be?

The best washing and drying combination

There are lots of washing and drying combinations, which can make choosing a suitable washing and drying combination difficult. Especially if you don’t know much about the specifications of a washing and drying combination. We’d like to make things easier for you and we’ve researched which tumble dryer has the most important and convenient features and a good price-quality ratio. The latter is very important. Since a very expensive washing and drying combination is not always the one with the best quality. And you do want a good washing and drying combination for a good price, right? Based on this we have put together the top 4 best washing and drying combinations of 2022.

Want to buy a new washer dryer combo?

Awashing and drying combination is a dryer and washing machine in one. The washing and drying combination is a relatively new concept and is growing rapidly. The low-energy variant is in the long run friendlier to both the environment and your wallet and we therefore always recommend a washing and drying combination with a favorable energy label. However, the purchase price of an energy-efficient washer dryer combination is higher than that of the other variants of a separate washer and dryer. Besides this, a lot of other considerations decide whether a washing and drying combination is suitable for your situation and, which one. We list all the advantages and disadvantages for you.


The price of a washer dryer combination varies enormously, from about €350 to about €2,000. The price is based on the ease of use, the brand and the build quality. However, a single washing and drying combination will cost less than a seperate dryer and waching machine, Thus, for your wallet it is an advantage to buy such a machine. Besides, the washing and drying combination makes it possible to wash and dry the clothes in one turn, leaving only little work up to you: making sure those dry and clean clothes are stored in the closet again.


The size of many tumble dryers can vary, however, you have to take into account that there is less space for dryeing clothes than there is for washing clothes. The load capacity is simply smaller. So if you want to both wash and drye your clothes, you have to make sure you do not overfill the drum. Also: in most machines it is only possible to dry clothes right after the washing programme, and not on its own. This is not a large problem, since in most cases this is exactly what you want. However, it is important to know that just drying clothes is not always possible.

Information and tips

Buying a new washing and drying combination, choosing the right type, maintaning it and making sure to clean it properly… If you are not well prepared or don’t know about it, this can be quite difficult. We would like to make this a bit easier. We collect information and tips to help you with everything that has to do with your new washdry combi. If you have questions and we did not provide an answer on our site, make sure to contactus. We are happy to help you!

Best washer dryer brands

We at find it important to list all information about washer dryers for you. In addition to the quality comparison of individual washer dryers and information about which choice is best for you in certain situations, the brand is also important. White goods brands have been compared for a long time and we have listed all relevant information for you, so that you can see at a glance which brands are the best.In order to determine which brand of washer dry combination is best, we look at various aspects. For example, we take a critical look at the washer…

Advantages and disadvantages of a washer dryer combination

The purchase of a washer dryer is something you think about carefully. In general, it is generally accepted that a washing machine is "necessary" and that a dryer is a "luxury". A washer dryer has both functions, making it ideal in certain areas, but each appliance also has its drawbacks. To provide an insightful overview, we looked at reviews at several online stores and of course went through the specification list of various washer dryers ourselves. All in all, we have been able to make a list of advantages and disadvantages, which give you a quick overview. Space saving A…

Lifespan of a washer dryer

The lifespan of a washer dryer depends on several factors and thus varies between 10-20 years. As you might expect, this depends on the washer dryer brand, the build quality and materials of the washer dryer, the year of the washer dryer, how often the washer dryer is used and also how the washer dryer is used and even the installation of the washer dryer.The lifespan can therefore not be determined as one two three, because it depends on the device itself and on you, the consumer and user of this device. In order to gain insight into how you…

The consumption of a washer dryer combination

It is a fact that -even an energy-efficient- combined washer dryer costs more than a energy-efficient washing machine or dryer on its own. This is simply due to the less environment friendly energy tag. The models that are currently offered on the internet have an energy label between B and A-40%. This is partly due to the rules that have been drawn up for the energy consumption of equipment, making sure that new machines with an energylabel below B are not sold anymore. Old washer dryer combinations can have energy label E or F. The difference in KWh per wash-dry has decreased by 0.78 kWh from the last 20 years. So buying a newer model is a great choice. However, there is also a significant difference between the available wash-dry combinations. A combined washer dryer with a B energy label uses an average of €50 more in energy and water costs per year than a combined washer dryer with an A energy label. Buying a model with an A label therefore has ca major advantage over time: less costs. The difference in purchase price will easily be earned back.

Energy label




Energy costs

€ 130

€ 90

€ 55

Savings after 1 year

€ 0

€ 60

€ 95

Savings after 5 years

€ 0

€ 300

€ 475

Calculate your own energy costs

In order to get a better idea of the energy consumption, we have listed a few numbers for you here. With a 3-person household a washer dryer combination is used on average 187 times a year and in a 4-person household an average of 220 times. Energy labels and indications of costs are often based on 220 washes per year. To calculate how much energy costs you will spend on a particular washer dryer combination, you can use the following formula: costs for one kWh × average consumption in kWh per year (shown on the energy label). The energy costs can also be calculated based on your own consumption, if you know how often you use the washer dryer combination per week. You then use the following formula: costs for one kWh × number of kWh per wash × number of washes per week × 52.

Assortment washer dryer combinations

Choosing the right wash-dry combination

Choosing the right washing and drying combination is very important, after all, you buy a washing and drying combination for quite a few years and you don’t want to regret this purchase at any time during the use of this machine. Which combination suits you and your household best depends on many factors. There are quite a few things to look out for when buying a washing and drying combination. Think about the standard features which can vary considerably, but also about the additional extras.

We will list the most important considerations for you and tell you why this is important. You will be able to decide for yourself what considerations are important for your situation:

Energy label

An energy-efficient washer dryer combination is often slightly more expensive than a more inefficient machine with the same capacity, but in use, energy-efficient combined washer-driers are cheaper because they use considerably less power. This saves a lot of money every year, especially compared to an inefficient washer dryer combination. Thus, a higher purchase price can be earned back quite easily, especially if you take into account that the average lifetime of a washer and dryer combination is 10 to 12 years!

Build quality

The build quality can be either basic, mid-range or hing-end. Which one it is, depends on several features of the washer dryer combination: a metal and enamel casing, a stainless steel drum, a stainless steel interior, a brushless motor, 3 types of leak protection, a balance system, a self-cleaning detergent drawer and drum cleaning. The more a washer dryer combination has, the higher the build quality will be. A higher build quality will ensure a longer life time since the washer dryer combo will have less damage.

Washing quality

The washing quality can be either basic, mid-range or hing-end. Which one it is, depends on several features of the washer dryer combination:  washing result A, automatic detergent dosing, a load sensor, a steaming function, an extra rinse function, a laundry care drum, a self-cleaning detergent drawer and drum cleaning.

Number of revolutions per minute (RPM)

A washer dryer combination can have revolutions ranging from 1200 rpm to 1800 rpm. Will you use the dryer for every stach in the washing machine? IN that case, higher revolutions per minute are actually not of any use, since you will dry your clothes anyway. If you don’t, and you intent to also dry your clothes on a washing line, higher revolutions come in quite handy since the clothes will eb less wet when leaving the washer and dryer combination.

The load capacity

The load capacity indicates how many kilos of laundry fit into the drum of the washing and drying combination. Of course, a larger drum offers space to more kilos of laundry. The larger the drum capacity of your washer dryer combination, the drier it comes out of the drum. Because of the larger capacity, the laundry has more space to move around. It will be cleaner and drier. It also rinses away any remaining dirt and your laundry comes out of the drum less wrinkled. Today’s washer dryer combinations have an average load capacity of 7 to 8 kg. Larger washing machines are available with 9 kg, or even larger, drums. For a family of 2 persons, a drum of up to 7 kg is generally sufficient. If the drum is too large, this will cost you a sufficient amount of money dure to inefficient washing and drying. And if the drum is too small, you will have to do way more washes, which is also not very cost-friendly. Thus, taking the load capaciy into acount when searching for the perfect washer dryer combination is a good idea.

Maximum load capacity

The maximum load capacity of a washer dryer combination is basically the same as the load capacity. However, the maximum filling weight takes into account the fact that the laundry that is being washed is also dried directly with a built-in drying programme. This means, for example, that 8kg wax can be washed, but that only 6kg can effectively be put in the machine which will be dried well. The maximum load capacity thus depends on the load capacity of the dryer and varies from 4 to 7 kilogram.

Leak protection

With leak protection you are as safe as possible. When you buy a washer dryer combination with leak protection, there is a kind of water lock on the washer dryer combination. The washer dryer combination is automatically closed when leakage occurs. With such a lock you ensure the best water protection in your home.

Washing cycles

There are general washing cycles and washing cycles specific for some types of laundry. General washing cycles include delicate laundry, hand wash, cotton, short cycle, refresh, synthetic and wool. Washing cycles specifically for baby clothes are also available, but also for mixed laundry, outdoor clothing, sportswear, stains, allergies, bedding, dark clothes, down, curtains, impregnate, jeans, dress shirts, sport shoes and silk.

Spinning noise level

In some cases you might want a silent washer dryer combo. If so, you want to check out the ones with a spinning noise level of 73dB or less. The ‘normal’ washer dryer combinations have a spinning noise level of 74 to 77 dB. And if the spinning noise level is even higher, this makes the washer dryer combo a loud one.


There are many functions that will make your life easier, one being more necessary than the other. However, looking at those functions makes sure you do not miss one which you will actually like. Examples are: a load sensor, a laundry care drum, a time remaining indicator, a start delay, the option to add laundry during the cycle, an anti-vibration function, an automatic detergent feed, being able to control the washer and dryer combo or read information via an app, a child safety lock, a steaming function, drum lighting and a self-cleaning detergent drawer.

Brands washer dryer combincations

There are several brands of washer dryers combinations. Each one has its own charms, and often people stick to what they are used to. We listed several brands for you. The different brands we recommend are: Splendide, Equator, BestAppliance, GE, LG and Samsung.