Buying a built-in washer dryer?

Sometimes houses simply do not have the space to place separate machines for washing and drying. A built-in washer dryer is an ideal solution. Installing this washer dryer can then offer an even more practical solution, given the space savings. Here we will discuss some points to consider when buying a built-in washer dryer.

If you’re considering a washer dryer, there are some factors you should consider before buying one. There is more to it than just finding a machine that performs both commands. You can choose from a wide variety of manufacturers, and there are plenty of features and options that can make a difference. In the case of integrated machines (also known as built-in machines), the great advantage they have over freestanding models is that they can be fitted into the kitchen and thus become part of the kitchen and use space efficiently. However, a built-in washer dryer also has disadvantages, so these models are often less friendly to the wallet and you can choose from fewer models, since a built-in washer dryer must meet certain sizes.

Dryers are available in standard sizes. There are no compact models available with a top cover, as is the case with a separate washing machine. If you really have little space, it is suitable to purchase a washing machine with a top drawer, which needs less space because there is no flap at the front of the device. Unfortunately, these models are not available for washer dryers. However, there are models that are smaller or larger. For example, a washer dryer with a fill weight of 6 kg is smaller than a washer dryer with a fill weight of 10 kg. There is little difference between the models in terms of the fill weight and this also depends on the brand and the enclosure, however a washer dryer with a fill weight of 6-8 kg has a width of 54-55 cm and a washer dryer with a fill weight of 9-10 kg approximately a width of 60-66 centimeters.

The washer dryer combination selection tool

With the selection tool we help you on your way to find out which type of washer dryer combination suits you best. This depends on your preference and your situation, for example the amount of persons in your household, but also how much you would like to pay. We do this on the basis of a number of questions on which we make a targeted selection. The questions are carefully chosen in collaboration with experts in the field of washer dryer machines. Fill in the selection guide to find out which washer dryer combination suits you best!

How environmentally friendly does your washer dryer combo has to be?
How many people are in your household?
What should the building quality of your washer dryer combo be?

Brands washer dryer combincations

There are several brands of washer dryers combinations. Each one has its own charms, and often people stick to what they are used to. We listed several brands for you. The different brands we recommend are: Splendide, Equator, BestAppliance, GE, LG and Samsung.