Advantages and disadvantages of a washer dryer combination

The purchase of a washer dryer is something you think about carefully. In general, it is generally accepted that a washing machine is “necessary” and that a dryer is a “luxury”. A washer dryer has both functions, making it ideal in certain areas, but each appliance also has its drawbacks. To provide an insightful overview, we looked at reviews at several online stores and of course went through the specification list of various washer dryers ourselves. All in all, we have been able to make a list of advantages and disadvantages, which give you a quick overview.

Advantages washer dryer

Space saving

A big advantage, and a reason for many people to buy a washer dryer, is of course the space saving. You only have one white goods device instead of two, and still the luxury of two. This can be a solution when space for white goods equipment is limited.

Drying program

The drying program can be switched on directly after the washing program, sometimes this is the only option, but it is very convenient not to have to reset the washer dryer.


A washer dryer is cheaper to buy than if you buy a washer and dryer separately. The devices now on the market are very economical. Washer dryers are not inferior to washing machines and dryers.


Washer dryers also have advanced features such as Add-Wash and Eco Bubble.


You do not need a separate drain hose for the drying program, because the appliance uses the same drain hose for both washing and drying.

Disadvantages washer dryer


Not every washer dryer has the option to dry clothes on its own, as it is standard that this program runs behind another program. Because you miss this option, you cannot remove part of the clothes and then dry the other clothes.

Collecting dust

The fabric is not collected in a filter during drying. This ensures that dust always remains in the rubber wall. This is no problem, if you take it out after the drying. But if you leave this on, it will rotate with the next wash and it can hang again in clothes if you do not also turn the laundry on the drying program.


Washing machines and dryers nowadays have more and more programs, adjusted to certain types of fabric, certain energy consumption and even anti-allergen programs. The washer dryer also has many programs, but often slightly less than a separate washing machine or dryer, also because it must have options for both machines.


The lifespan of a washer dryer is generally a bit shorter, which makes sense because you use one appliance for two functions and therefore twice as much.

Brands washer dryer combincations

There are several brands of washer dryers combinations. Each one has its own charms, and often people stick to what they are used to. We listed several brands for you. The different brands we recommend are: Splendide, Equator, BestAppliance, GE, LG and Samsung.