Best washer dryer brands

We at find it important to list all information about washer dryers for you. In addition to the quality comparison of individual washer dryers and information about which choice is best for you in certain situations, the brand is also important. White goods brands have been compared for a long time and we have listed all relevant information for you, so that you can see at a glance which brands are the best.

In order to determine which brand of washer dry combination is best, we look at various aspects. For example, we take a critical look at the washer dryer combinations and give them enough time to test the function. We pay attention to many different things, which we have listed for you:


We test the quality of the washer dryer thoroughly, taking into account the ease of use and effectiveness of washing and drying programs.


We look at the sustainability of the washer dryer, at the water consumption and energy consumption.


We look at the shelf life of a washer dryer, we cannot test this in 4 weeks, but we can estimate it fairly accurately with the information about the construction design and the materials and parts used.


Not unimportant is the price, which we always include in the assessment of the best washer dryer combination and also the best brand. Ultimately, it is about the price-quality ratio that makes a washer dryer combination attractive to come.


Finally, we browse the internet to assess the reviews on various web shops and sites and make a bundle of these, which we use for the final assessment, so in addition to our opinion, the opinion of the consumer over the past years has also been taken into account.

Brands washer dryer combincations

There are several brands of washer dryers combinations. Each one has its own charms, and often people stick to what they are used to. We listed several brands for you. The different brands we recommend are: Splendide, Equator, BestAppliance, GE, LG and Samsung.