Lifespan of a washer dryer

The lifespan of a washer dryer depends on several factors and thus varies between 10-20 years. As you might expect, this depends on the washer dryer brand, the build quality and materials of the washer dryer, the year of the washer dryer, how often the washer dryer is used and also how the washer dryer is used and even the installation of the washer dryer.

The lifespan can therefore not be determined as one two three, because it depends on the device itself and on you, the consumer and user of this device. In order to gain insight into how you can determine this as well as possible, and what you can do to extend the lifespan of your washer dryer, we have listed here which factors influence the lifespan advantage. Of course you want your newly purchased washer dryer to last as long as possible, and you can participate in that yourself.

Extend the lifespan of the washer dryer


The price of the washer dryer is important. There is no linear relationship between price and service life, but it has been proven that more expensive washer dryers generally last longer. This is not surprising, because you pay more for a washer dryer if the build quality and therefore the materials are of better and more durable quality.

Ease of use

The more use, the shorter the lifespan. This is a relationship that you can call almost linear. If a device is only used once a week, and the same device is used by neighbors 5 times a week, it is not surprising that the neighbors have to buy a new device after 5 years and you still trust the old one after 25 years. washer dryer combination. This is also the reason that there are still old models circulating on the marketplace. Please note, these models are from another year and have significantly less quality.


Then we immediately come to the third point, which is the year of manufacture. A washer dryer from 10 years ago has a poorer life expectancy than a washer dryer currently on sale. You can assume that the equipment that is now sold has made a big leap and is significantly better in quality. The manufacturers have tried many new techniques and materials in recent years, which has made white goods equipment a lot more sustainable.


The maintenance of a washer dryer is just as important for its lifespan. When a device is cleaned or rinsed once in a while and no dirty residues are left in it, you are well on the way to the optimal life. You can also positively influence the lifespan by not using too much detergent and fabric softener, by replacing the drain hoses once every so often, by sometimes rinsing the drum with a high-temperature wash using only vinegar and / or lemon juice. and by keeping the dispensers clean.


The installation of a washer dryer is also important. The fact that the device is level is especially important. If an appliance is not leveled, more vibrations will occur during the washing and drying of the laundry, which means that the washer dryer will continue to run. Logically, this is not conducive to longevity. It is therefore recommended to check once every few months whether the device is still level, because this can also change due to the extensive use.

Brands washer dryer combincations

There are several brands of washer dryers combinations. Each one has its own charms, and often people stick to what they are used to. We listed several brands for you. The different brands we recommend are: Splendide, Equator, BestAppliance, GE, LG and Samsung.